Powder Coating FAQ

Q: What makes powder coating the best

A: Powder Coating looks like paint but
acts like armor. It's tough, cost-effective,
and environmentally friendly. It's a cleaner
coating that provides a superior finish to
other finishing processes.

Q: What products can I powder coat?

A: Any conductive metal that can be
electrostatically charged and withstand
powder coating curing temperatures.
New, lower temperature powder coating
materials are even making it possible
to powder coat ceramics, wood, and

Q: What are the advantages?

A: Powder coating is resitant to corrosion,
heat, abrasion, fading from sunlight, and
extreme weather. It provides an excellent,
economic one coat finish with no runs,
drips, or sags. Powder coating is
enviromentally friendly with virtually no
emissions, no solvents, and no
hazardous wastes.

Information borrowed from the Powder Coating
Institute - PowderCoating.org.

Advanced Powder Coating Northwest, also known as APC, is located in Bellingham, Washington and maintains a high volume facility capable of handling any size job, large or small. Our state-of-the-art 23,000 square foot plant includes a 16ft x 16ft x 40ft sand blast room, a 10ft x 10ft x 25ft oven, and a 16ft x 16ft x 40ft industrial wet spray booth. APC's sand blasting room is equipped with a dust collection apparatus allowing the operators to gain full visibility of your project which allows them to achieve the most efficient blasting operation which is essential for a high quality finished product. Once your project is sandblasted, our powder coating or industrial paint team will apply a high performance paint systems that will last for years to come and make your surfaces look brand new again.

Recently, Advanced Powder Coating Northwest added Arc Spay (most often referred to as metalizing, TSA, TSZ, TWAS, or spray welding) to our product offerings. By using DC power to energize two conductive wires, Arc Spray is one of the most economical and productive thermal spray coating systems. The two energized wires are fed through a feeder int a gun head where they meet and arc against each other creating molten material. Dry, compressed air is then used to atomize the molten material, turning it into tiny droplets and propelling it toward the prepared part. When these droplets contact the part, they flatten and interlock creating a very strong mechanical bond with your part. This process is efficient, very strong, and a great option to consider if you are looking for a durable, long lasting finish.

Our skilled staff has years of experience coating a wide range of automotive, marine, industrial, architectural, and firearm products and we currently serve small local businesses to internationally known multi-national firms. Our coatings are durable, long lasting, and routinely exceed the the expectations of our customers. We encourage you to contact us for your next project.

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